Privacy Fence Ideas  


Bamboo Privacy Fence

bamboo privacy fenceYou can consider bamboo privacy fence as an alternative for wooden fence. They are very attractive and affordable alternative for a traditional wooden fence. It creates a rustic and unique atmosphere for your garden. Bamboo is really a grass rather than wood and it takes much less time to mature, so bamboo might be consider as a renewable resource. Bamboo privacy fence has advantages over other fencing system. They are strong and durable. Bamboo can withstand rough weather conditions and strong winds. It can last about 20 years if it is installed above ground level. It is a natural product so it will have natural wear and tear with passing time. But it is possible to slow this deterioration by treating bamboo privacy fence just like a wooden fence. 

Bamboo Privacy Fence Design and Benefits

installed bamboo privacy fence Bamboo privacy fence are available in different varieties of distinct patterns and designs. It is not very difficult to make a striking yet functional bamboo privacy fence. You can also add cap and lattice the poles to finish. Bamboo privacy fence can be used in areas of outdoor to provide privacy and aesthetic appeal. With the help of bamboo fencing you will find that street noise is muffled.  

You can also use bamboo privacy fence around your hot tub or pool to keep unwanted visitors away from your property. They are also in blocking unsightly things from view. It is easy to block garbage cans and air condition units with a small section of bamboo fencing. If you are thinking about the cost then it should be added that it is cost efficient and eco-friendly. If you compare bamboo fence with either plastic or a wooden fence then bamboo will come out as more reasonably priced fencing system. It is the most inexpensive option, since bamboo provides similar elements of appearance and privacy.  

Bamboo Privacy Fence Cost

Basic cost idea:

Bamboo fence- Installation cost- $519-$615

Bamboo fence- Total- $990-$1,320  

Bamboo fence- Total Average Cost per-linear foot- $7.70  

Through this data you can see that it is most likely cost efficient fencing system. It is not only a good protective fencing but also gives texture and color to your property. It also adds a tribal look to your house which is not only trendy but also reasonable. Now a day people consider this bamboo privacy fence to be a suitable protective design for your house. You can choose from different varieties and design to fit with your house design.