Privacy Fence Ideas  


Diy Privacy Fence

diy privacy fenceBeautify your backyards with Diy Privacy fence

A backyard decorated with Diy Privacy fence will protect your home from strangers and animals, and you stay inside comfortable. These kind of fences are very easy to install; casted with various sources like wood, string or any metal of your choice.

Wooden Diy Privacy fence is the most commonly used, and it adds beauty to one's backyard. Depending on your need, you can increase or decrease the height of such diy privacy fence while casting.

Suggested DIY Fence Dimensions 

diy privacy fence ideasTo have a better shielding, many posts should be installed around the perimeter of the area to be fenced. The optimum spacing between each post should be 8 feet so as to avoid the fence from slipping. The strength of a diy privacy fence is directly proportional to the number of posts used to build.

More the posts, it will shield your house from the wind. Three horizontal wooden blocks of 2* 4 size or 2* 6 size should be used to support each post from sagging. Apart from wood, diy privacy fences are casted from materials like aluminium, bricks, bamboo etc.

Costs of Diy Privacy Fence

diy privacy fencesThe cost of diy Privacy fence may vary depending on a variety of factors. They include the geographical area, type of fencing, materials used , length and height of the fencing. The commonest material for such fence is wood which will cost around 12$ to 15$ if you hire a professional to fix it. If you prefer to go handy, it will cost between 8$ and 10$. If you expect a good quality wood for shielding it will cost you extra bucks.

Diy privacy fencing is the best option as it is cost effective and enhances the beauty of your backyard. The raw materials for diy privacy fencing is easily available and they stand for a longer duration.