Privacy Fence Ideas  


How to Build a Privacy Fence

how to build a privacy fenceIf you are deciding to set a privacy fence to protect your property then the first thing you need to consider is your location, height of the fence and the purpose. Then you need to select the type of fencing system that you want to install. After you come to a conclusion then you might follow the following sets of instruction on how to build a privacy fence.  

Building Instructions

Instructions on how to build a privacy fence: 

1. Once you determine the legal setback and property line, mark the location of the fence. Mark the position of corner post holes with paint. Then mark the position of the remaining line posts, maintaining a distance between the posts. 

2. By using a post hole digger, make holes approximately 24” deep and 10” in diameter. Add few inches of gravel to the bottom of the holes. Insert 4x4x8 inches posts in holes. Make sure the posts are plumb and level. Then pour fast-drying cement into the hole according to manufacturer’s direction and keep it for about 48 hours.  

3. The rails that you want to install are made from 5/4” deck boards. Then measure the distance between the posts and shape the rails accordingly. Install the top rail 20 inches from the post top and 20 inches from the ground to install the bottom rail. Use approximately 2 inches galvanized screws to attach the rails with the posts.  

4. The next step is to determine the number of pickets that you will need. Then cut 5/4 inches deck boards to a length of six inches. You can edge to the tops of pickets or can add a decorative cut (dog-eared, 90-degree cut, etc.). You can use a hand held router to round off the edges.  

5. Now you have to center the pickets on the bottom and top railings and install them with screws and nails. Maintain the space of the pickets evenly between the posts. Always try to maintain a consistent gap between the pickets. You can also use a space block to maintain a consistent gap between the previous nail picket and the picket to be nailed. Pneumatic nail gun will help you to work fast to attaching the pickets.   

If you follow the instructions given above on how to build a privacy fence then you will able to construct privacy fence on your own. You can also search the web for additional information on how to build a privacy fence.